Once your house is cleaned and de-cluttered, the small repairs and paint touch ups are done, the lawn is mowed, the shrubs are trimmed, the side walk is edged, and you’re ready to list, what’s the big mistake that will positively devalue all of your hard work to get your home ready for sale? 
Over pricing is the answer.
Accurate pricing is monumentally important. It influences the speed of sale, and your home’s eventual sale price. Unlike 2012-2016, when inventories were low, and you could put just about any price on a home and still get an offer, 2018 is not that market. There’s more inventory, interest rates have increased, price reductions are a common occurrence, and the speed of sales has slowed. It’s a balanced market and you-need-to-be-competitive.
Having said that, the market for perfectly located homes in impeccable condition still has strong legs, and they will sell first. But even they need to be priced right, especially above $799K.
Do yourself a major favor. Interview two or three agents. Make them show you what they can do for you. Beware of an agent telling you a price you want to hear just to get your listing. Insist on seeing the math and supporting price data. Insist upon seeing their marketing program. Ask what additional help you can expect from them. You don’t need a cousin, tech-dunce, fishing buddy, schoolmate, low experience fresh face, or a part time agent. Hire a pro.
Your home is very possibly your biggest asset. Seasoned, ethical, and professional agents know the market; they understand the effect of price trends and interest changes, employ multiple forms of marketing, know your neighborhood, have connections to everyone you’d possibly need to stage, sell valuables, do legal work, move, and… to correctly price your home.
Call us. In this market, we are the professionals you need.  Our experience is deep, and our past clients love us…you will too.