Most of us actually “live” in our homes…they don’t look like Better Homes & Gardens is coming for a photo shoot any time soon.  Our homes are used every day and it’s hard to keep them perfect…and perfectly clean.  But the #1 Buyer complaint will surprise you.  Think about your own home…the kids have been grabbing the door casings and swinging around the corners, the dog just got back from a day of hunting or from the back yard after a rain storm, and oh, there’s that spilled chocolate milk.  All this adds up, and over time things can start to look, well, normal!  

So, since we are all human beings subject to similar things in life, most of our homes looked lived in.  But when we show our homes to prospective buyers, guess what, those very self same human beings who have homes that look just like yours…want your home to look spotless.  

The #1 Buyer complaint…the house looks dirty!  So, even though their house makes yours look like a palace, if you are staging your home for sale, make sure it is, in fact, spotless.  It will give you a big edge.  And, after those nice people buy your home…they will turn it back into a nice lived in home again.


Middleton O’Malley
Mary Margaret Kean
Matthew W. La Rose