There’s no other attraction in the Deep South, other than New Orleans, that can compete with Clarksdale’s grit, funk, elegant decay, collection of eccentric characters, and brilliant music scene. Third in line might be Muscle Shoals, AL, but it’s much too civilized for my taste.



Clarksdale has several excellent music festivals a year. Here’s just a few of them. The Juke Joint Festival in April, (you must make your reservations now), Red’s Old Timers Blues Festival, annually on Memorial Day Weekend, (Authentic as hell and very down home), and, The Sunflower Gospel & Blues Festival, in August. (

It’s said that people go to Clarksdale for the music, but they come back for the people. I agree. The people are real; you can feel their charm and earthy energy. It also has something else, something that you feel in New Orleans. Call it a pull in your inner self that says, this place is sho’ ‘nuf dysfunctional, but I love it nonetheless, and you catch yourself eyeballing its low cost real estate with a heart full of hope.


Food. Well, ya gotta look around a bit, but there are some surprisingly good restaurants in which to dine. Yazoo Pass, in Clarksdale, is very good, and they have great ice cream!

Kathryn’s, about 20 minute away next to Moon Lake in Lula, is old time fun and tasty. You can follow your nose to several Bar B Q joints in Clarksdale, a greasy spoon or two, and, there are a couple of excellent coffee and pastry shops, including one in the old train station that we liked.


Don’t forget about just walking or taking a drive around town, and make sure you visit the world famous Blues Museum!




While Ground Zero is fun, it’s a bit too formulaic for my taste. Yes, it brings in talent, but the Real Deal is Red’s, owned by the legendary Red Paden. His devotion to the real old time blues is worthy of a medal. Inside you’ll find The Funk, and everyone appreciates this totally authentic dive of a Juke Joint.




Where to stay. There are many places to stay in Clarksdale, but my fav is, The White House

325 W. Second St.

Clarksdale, MS


Madge & Billy Howell, proprietors.



Madge is a delightful hostess and an endless source of local information and directions, and the historic White House is hugely comfy.

Billy, a seriously engaging character and a man of letters, has deep local knowledge. He runs Delta Bohemian Tours, and nothing comes close to his historically fascinating, enlightening, and memorable journeys through past and present. A Delta tour with Billy is a must do experience when you’re visiting Clarksdale.

If you like New Orleans, you are going to feel right at home in Clarksdale, but in a very laid back way that will chill you out. There are two types of time in Clarksdale, slow time, and Delta Time which no watch can calculate, but it unwinds your soul.

Wanda and I give Clarksdale four thumbs up.


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