One of the big reasons why some sellers want to sell their own homes is because they neglected to interview multiple agents, and hired someone simply because they knew them socially, or they were a family member, a neighbor, school mate, or friend of a friend, etc.  And now, after their home didn’t sell, they are fed up with a poor choice, and “By God I’m Gonna Sell It Myself!” (In the end, over 85% of For Sale By Owner homes (FSBO) wind up in the hands of an agent)

It’s in a sellers best interest to interview multiple agents before making their selection. We are talking about the sale of a significant financial asset so it’s worth the effort.  Make agents show you the money…a well assembled list of comparable homes to help determine the list price, a written marketing program that gets your home in front of as many people as technically possible, comprehensive staging assistance, and find out, and this is important, if that agent can connect you with every single contractor, service provider, and anyone else you might need to make the sale of your home, and move to another location, smooth, and successful.

Selling your home is more than hiring someone with whom you have a  social connection, putting an ad in the paper, and planting sign in your front yard.  The process of conducting professional and full service real estate has changed significantly.  Isn’t it time you changed real estate agents?  Call us, we will show you why working with us has real advantages.

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